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It seems like just yesterday Ron-Loc 805 promised Hip Hop #HostileAndHungry6 and now wait no longer because the #DetoxEdition is now complete.  The Mixtape features production from YouTube producers using detox and the legendary Dr. Dre style and tags to promote their production.  Ron-Loc is doing Hip Hop a favor by lyrically completing what would be considered as close to a detox album the world has ever heard (Through Headphones).  This Mixtape sounds good through headphones and even more incredible through Beats By Dre headphones. When it comes to the definition of a ni**@ with an attitude Ron-Loc 805 mirrors the concept lyrically equivalent to the entensity that the first West Coast Gangsta Rap Preservation Association founder Dr. Dre solidified globally.


Oxnard, CA rapper Big Ron-Loc wearing Beats by dre headphones during his video shoot.

This mixtape gives listeners an update on Oxnard, CA rapper Big Ron-Loc from a business perspective musically.  Ron-Loc also doubles back for Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne and even former domestic violence offender Chris Brown falls victim to a flurry of lyrical haymaker’s.  The veteran MC also engaged in major political issues in the entertainment world like spoke out against the recent nude internet scandals that plague today’s internet world.  This version of the mixtape is nicknamed #DetoxEdition for its production style and Ron-Loc spits in a “Black Eminem” labeled delivery.  Due to Federal Restrictions on how dope a rapper is allowed to be I’m afraid we? may not see #HostileAndHungry7 until The Year 2020. 


#HostileAndHungry6 art work created by Ronald R. Kilbert