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It seems like yesterday #HostileAndHungry3 went public and now as we hit 9 songs deep in #HostileAndHungry4 (The Mixtape) Big Ron-Loc is NOT showing any signs of slowing down as we reach the end of his fourth mixtape installment.


#HostileAndHungry4 "The Lyrical War"

Unknown sources caught up with the Oxnard, CA musician who had this to say:

According to my calculation, the United States of America has ripped me off for a estimated 60 billion dollars.  Had I not been ripped off for such amounts so early my time, Ron-Loc profit margins could have matched the national debt.  We seriously as Americans have to recognize classically conditioned racism and learn to train our brains to think like people in the Digital Era.  I as a businessman know the importance of longevity and organic numbers in all departments. With that being said.  I can admit that my inexperience as an independent brand can cloud that at times.  I can also admit that I thats what makes the brand of a true Musician one of the most potentially ennovative markets known to business. My intentions is to redefine the true responsibility of being a legendary rapper.  I believe that there is a large amount of MC’s with talent who lack the ability to maintain aim, with patience,  while dodging insecurities on a consistent basis.  As a matter of fact, in my opinion most working people struggle from the same thing.  Speaking from my American History schooling over the course of a lifetime, I’ve come to the conclusion that the information was released to me strategically over the course of a life time.  This design is capable of manipulation by the American when they are under the impression that they must make an example out of someone who has been strategically deprived of the history of the very society they live in.


Second s before OPD crashed video shoot.

So called dangerous MC’s are nowhere to be found outside of “Big Snoop Dogg” none of his opponents have responded. Stay tuned for more on #HostileAndHungry4 “The Mixtape War” and I’m out.

By Butch “Nutty” Kilbert


By 805 Skitzo Productions