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With the speed that the Internet gives hip hop communities, it seems like nowadays more than ever “Competition” and #DissRecord’s are at an all time high.  Marketing tactics like agressive artwork, blog and social media posts is the ammunition and the brilliant minds of hip hot are the gunners.  One person who seems to have perfected the craft is Oxnard, CA rapper Ron-Loc.  Over the course of the last 3 years Big Ron-Loc has been on a tear taking full advantage of missed opportunities by competing rappers. There is no telling when or who the next record for the #HostileAndHungry Mixtape series is going to be aimed at, speaking in terms of how Ron-Loc drops each track.  In his latest effort he spits venom at Brooklyn, NY rapper Jay-Z for religious lyrical shots Sean Carter took in his remix of the X Ambassadors hit single “Jungle”.  LISTEN HERE → #TheGameBeforeTheGame


#HostileAndHungry4 "The Lyrical War"